1. NeurIPS
    Elevating Perceptual Sample Quality in Probabilistic Circuits through Differentiable Sampling
    Lang, Steven, Mundt, Martin, Ventola, Fabrizio, Peharz, Robert, and Kersting, Kristian
    In Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) Pre-registration Workshop 2021
  2. arXiv
    CLEVA-Compass: A Continual Learning EValuation Assessment Compass to Promote Research Transparency and Comparability
    Mundt, Martin, Lang, Steven, Delfosse, Quentin, and Kersting, Kristian
  3. arXiv
    DAFNe: A One-Stage Anchor-Free Deep Model for Oriented Object Detection
    Lang, Steven, Ventola, Fabrizio, and Kersting, Kristian


  1. ICML
    Einsum Networks: Fast and Scalable Learning of Tractable Probabilistic Circuits
    Peharz, Robert, Lang, Steven, Vergari, Antonio, Stelzner, Karl, Molina, Alejandro, Trapp, Martin, Van Den Broeck, Guy, Kersting, Kristian, and Ghahramani, Zoubin
    In Proceedings of the 37th International Conference on Machine Learning 13–18 jul 2020


  1. KBS
    WekaDeeplearning4j: A deep learning package for Weka based on Deeplearning4j
    Lang, Steven, Bravo-Marquez, Felipe, Beckham, Christopher, Hall, Mark, and Frank, Eibe
    Knowledge-Based Systems 2019